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         What is Fit?

  • Is an industry led initiative of which the Board of Directors comprise of senior executives from 15 of the top IT companies globally.
  • Is a response to the IT skills shortage in industry.
  • Targets the long-term unemployed as an additional recruitment stream.
  • Is a partnership between the IT industry, local communities and government agencies.
  • Has designed a management structure involving key collaborators to implement the plan.
  • Promotes the concept of job targeting and market-led training provision.
  • Develops market-led IT curriculums to enable unemployed people leap-frog the skills barrier into sustainable employment.
  • Promotes new standards of industry certification.
  • Facilitates local development agencies and Training Providers to understand the needs of the IT Industry and vice versa.
  • Has demonstrated in its plan, savings to the exchequer of ten million pounds
  • Develops pro-active methods of recruitment and selection - using aptitude tests instead of formal education to determine capabilities.
  • Promotes a professional standard or training provision that is person-centred and progressive.


    The following significant milestones illustrate the outstanding progress achieved to date: -

    • On the 31st of March 1999 the FIT Action Plan was launched by An Taoiseach at Government Buildings and the implementation commenced in earnest, overseen by the FIT Interim Board of Management.
    • The FIT Steering Group was established to co-ordinate resource allocations at regional and local levels.
    • In July 1999 a FIT HRM Seminar was held in the Conrad Hotel to introduce HRM practitioners to the FIT initiative.
      FIT has made presentations/submissions to the National Development Plan, the Information Society, The Expert Group on Future Skills and to a pan-European conference on the IT Skills Shortage, which was held in Helsinki.
    • Year 2000 opened with the inaugural meeting of the FIT Board of Directors and the FIT Executive Committee. At the launch of the new Board the Taoiseach reiterated the Governments support for the FIT initiative and committed a contribution to core costs.
    • The FIT Board of Directors comprises of senior executives from 15 of the top IT Companies globally; representation on the FIT Executive Committee includes an additional 10 people from the IT industry; a further 8 are working in the Curriculum Development Sub-Committee.
    • FIT Internship programmes have commenced in many affiliate companies giving trainees an opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience in leading edge IT industries.
    • In September 2002 over 2,500 unemployed will have commenced or completed FIT training courses across Dublin. Already over 1,000 FIT graduates have commenced employment opportunities.
    • The FIT initiative has been acknowledged in the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness and recognised as a model of good practice in a joint press statement at the EU Heads of State Summit in Lisbon in March 2000. A number of EU countries are actively studying the initiative and are implementing similar programmes as Government/Industry initiatives.
    • In April 2003, the FIT board initiated phase 2 of the initiative.
    • In April 2004, the FIT board committed to expanding the FIT initiative internationally.
    • A FIT Northern Ireland (FIT NI) Working Group was set up between IT companies, key Training Providers and local community representatives. 
    • In June 2004 over 1,800 FIT graduates had commenced employment and progression opportunities
    • In September 2007 over 6,000 people will have completed FIT courses with over 4,500 finding employment

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